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Birding the Byway

by: Gallus Quigley, Jr.

Gallus_PicThe Green Mountain Scenic Byway offers visiting birders many great parks and preserves to stop and enjoy some birding.

Oakland Nature Preserve in the Town of Oakland with it’s nearly mile long boardwalk terminating at Lake Apopka and extensive trail through a variety of habitats has over 150 birds documented is a great spot to spend a few hours. In winter it is one of the best local spots for Painted Buntings which regularly come to the feeders near the Nature Center.

As one travels north on the byway a short jog off into Town of Montverde one can go to Truskett Park, do not let its size fool you, the short boardwalk leading out into Lake Apopka under a pavilion is great in winter to scan the lake for gulls, terns, ducks, and raptors, while the trees often yield many…

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Cycling the Green Mountain Scenic Byway

by: Bryan Davis, “Cyclist at Large”

Bryan_picSince as far back as I can remember a large number of local cyclist have called the Green Mountain Scenic Byway home to some of the most challenging and scenic climbs in Central Florida. Since 1989 I have taken on many occasion to the challenge of “The Wall” and “The Stair Step”, both of which are part of the very scenic and challenging section of the byway as it passes through Ferndale and the Town of Montverde. Yep, locals have named the hills. This byway in addition to Sugarloaf Mountain, Buckhill Road, and Turnpike Road form one of the toughest cycling loops in all of Florida and attracts cyclist from all over the southeast for the challenge and serenity of the loop.

Add the Green Mountain Scenic Overlook and Trailhead and you have the recipe for hours of some of the best bike riding in Florida. Sitting well above Lake Apopka this is a great little stop along the way to take it all in and feel as if you are hundreds of miles away from reality…

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